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Longinus Recordings



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Lua Viana’s sonhos tomam conta translates to “Dreams Take Over” — referencing the hypnagogic hallucinations that plagued the artist for years, and the escapism sleep brings to someone who dreams of never waking up when they fall asleep. 

2021’s wierd is an album that cemented the progression of Longinus into a “real label”. Delicately balancing Viana’s own visceral suffering, and the self awareness beneath it — wierd is a grand musical statement, that confronts sadness as temporary, yet disfiguring — even if the artist doesn’t sound convinced that the former is true. 

Dense production, thunderous Blackgaze riffs, and multi-suited post-rock structures turn wierd into wondrous. From the ascendant tension of “anime de mecha”, the energetic Blackgaze of "o ar nos meus pulm​õ​es” and the technical dream pop of “eclipse” — weird shows Viana at the beginning of her musical journey; showcasing her penchant for music that is challenging, brazen, inventive, and above all: weird

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