Hi I'm Matt.

This is the site for my label, Longinus Recordings

I started this record label in my college apartment during my time at Michigan State University. I run this label completely by myself, and every order has been packed (with love) by me.

Longinus Recordings is the natural progression of a textural obsession I've had throughout my life. Noisy styles of music have always captivated me with their intricacy, and I've sought to understand how sound builds upon itself, interacts, contrasts, and unifies through musical discovery. Shoegaze music to me is the terminus of that sensory-seeking behavior; representing a delicate balancing act between texture, rhythm and melody that appears deceivingly simple, while being impossibly complex. 

Since its inception, Longinus has aimed to showcase and platform distinctly non-western art in the shoegazenoise popdream pop and noise rock genres. 

I want to explore the cosmopolitan nature of these genres; including their past, present and future.

Music has always transcended borders and cultures, and I plan to help maintain that flow of cultural exchange for as long as I possibly can. My ultimate goal via publishing, reissuing and platforming is to show listeners of these genres that great art comes from anywhere and from anyone. 

Thank you to my friends and their listeners, who have inspired me more than they can know, and are responsible for making Longinus what it's become. I truly could not have done this without their continued support.

Matt // LR