LR-039: corpos de água

With corpos de água, Lua Viana (sonhos tomam conta) has made manifest her dream for shoegaze to be Brazilian, adapting the MPB and samba stylings of Milton Nascimento and Gal Costa to the dreamlike tapestry woven by Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine.

With the sonics of contemporary Brazilian shoegaze heavily indebted to western aesthetics and sensibilities, corpos de água seeks to position itself as a rejection of those musical foundations -- creating a Brazilian shoegaze record that, for the first time, is truly Brazilian.

Bossa nova guitars and samba grooves float in the air, affixed to tremolo guitar and spacious ambience, creating an intimate listen that is breathtaking, crushing, introspective and melancholic; Jazz rhythms, Latin melodies and hollow percussion coalesce into a towering nimbus — drenching you with catharsis as its rain thickens, dissipates and drowns.

Embracing the sounds of past, present and future, Viana gestures for you to follow her into the storm: For you to dive into her mind and into her emotions; to dive into her Brazil, and into corpos de água.

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