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Longinus Recordings

Vitamins & Apprehension

Vitamins & Apprehension

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Longinus had an incredible start with its 2021 releases. Word of mouth had cemented records like Hypnagogia, Downfall of the Neon Youth, To See the Next Part of the Dream, and Cull Ficle into a new burgeoning online scene. 

Inspired by acts like Parannoul, artist Della Zyr had begun writing and releasing her own music, resonating with the themes and circumstances of the albums named above. 

This culminated in the release of 비타민과 우려 Vitamins and Apprehension, an album chronicling similar experiences and insights as her influences. 

Seen through the oblique prism of unique lo-fi production, the hazy, pillowy aesthetic invokes imagery of lethargy and depression, suffocating you under the weighted blanket woven by reverb, airy vocals, and the burden of a world conspiring against you. 

비타민과 우려 Vitamins and Apprehension reaffirms the idea that while today may be another under the covers, tomorrow is another day, and another chance at life. 

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