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Longinus Recordings

To See the Next Part of the Dream

To See the Next Part of the Dream

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In 2021, Parannoul release his sophomore record, To See the Next Part of the Dream. This album was the genesis of this label, and has gone on to become a celebrated work in its respective genres. 

Collaging his hopes, failures, and rich diversity of influences, To See the Next Part of the Dream stands tall as an incredibly unique record that deconstructs Parannoul's love for music in a desperate plea for escape. 

It is an album that was both intended to, and never meant to, escape the microcosm it was created in -- but it's embrace by the masses is an unwavering testament to the tenacity, artistry and hope that exists within all of us. 

For Longinus Recordings' 3-year anniversary, we are reissuing the album on cassette and CD -- ending a long period where the record was temporarily out-of-print.
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