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I Am Not Shinzo Abe

I Am Not Shinzo Abe

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In 2016, Xinlisupreme released the song "I Am Not Shinzo Abe", a noise pop epic criticising the political manuevers and ideaology of then-Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.

The criticism of Abe's policies through creative expression culminated in the cancellation of their forthcoming record and recording contract. In 2018, Xinlisupreme released the album I Am Not Shinzo Abe, utilizing their music in a way that unwaveringly stood in opposition of the sentiment of politicians and society to "not politicize music".

Xinlisupreme's ultimate hope was to challenge and provoke change in the landscape of artistic protest in Japan, and provide a springboard to challenge authority and convention.

It is now 2023, and Xinlisupreme's noise pop classic has finally been reissued in audiophile quality.

  • Gatefold 2xLP, cut at 45 RPM
  • Full lyric insert featuring Japanese and English Translations
  • Statement by Xinlisupreme printed on interior of the gatefold
  • Thoughtfully remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin
  • Limited to 250 copies on Red/White Pinwheel vinyl

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