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Stony is the next chapter in the evolution of Precocious Neophyte.

Jeehye Ham, who was among the first wave of Korean shoegazers with Vidulgi Ooyoo, has been slowly evolving her signature sound, exerting a masterful control over the dynamic, weightless and slow-burning atmosphere of records like Aero and Home In The Desert.

With band members Ethan WaddellBrenden Romanowski and Clinton Weber, Ham has been able to consistently push the boundaries of her sound, weaving a sonic tapestry that has been more nuanced and realized than it ever has before.

Classic shoegaze instrumentation carefully wraps itself around Ham's vocals, creating moments of grandiosity, frenzy, and interplay that can be as delicate as they are crushing.

Embracing a sound that focuses on immediacy, physicality, tension, and noise -- Stony's layers and granular edges are the result of an artistic metamorphosis that has been carefully chiseled from stone.

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