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In July 2023, Longinus released TURQUOISEDEATH's debut album, Se Bueno.

Collaging the jungle and atmospheric drum & bass genres with dream pop, shoegaze, and post-rock; with Se Bueno, TURQUOISEDEATH plants a lush and lively forest before your very eyes. 

Dreamlike ambience, energetic breakcore, droning guitar and glittering synthwork swirl together to create a listening experience that is like no other; Jungle that is varied, textured, spacious and alive. Tracks like "The Sky Fell", "Guessabelle", "Sinking Into You" and "Dive" sprout a teeming and enchanted wood where specters and stars seem to dot the sky.

In response to the enduring popularity of the album, Longinus has teamed up with Plantasia Records to finally give Se Bueno a proper vinyl release, adapting their album into the format it was always meant to be in. 

Take a step into the forest -- it's calling you.

Note: Product image is a mockup, final version may differ!

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Strictly 2 Per Person.

Genres: Jungle, Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Dream Pop

Pressing Info: 2xLP, 45 RPM, Limited to 100 Copies!

Catalogue Number: LR-037

Expected to begin shipping early July, 2024.

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