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Downfall of the Neon Youth

Downfall of the Neon Youth

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In 2021, the Longinus' main roster coalesced onto a split album, Downfall of the Neon Youth. The second release in the wake of each project's breakout record -- Downfall was meant to document the coming age of digital creation and proudly proclaim the innovation happening in music outside of the anglosphere. 

Featuring the vibrant shoegaze of Parannoul, the eclectic post-digital indietronica of Asian Glow, and the blackened noise of sonhos tomam conta -- Downfall remains one of Longinus' most acclaimed and ambitious works. 

Sequenced in a way that eschews the traditional split album -- the intention was for each act to trade the spotlight between each other, showcasing their radical interpretation of the same genre on a level playing field, and a respect for artistry on.a more conscious and visceral level.

This album represents our continued friendship between each other, the cultural exchange of expression and music, as well as the realization of the digital scene enabled by the internet, and its power to unify people across the world.

Intentionally cross-boundary, esoteric and cross-cultural; Downfall of the Neon Youth is anything but; and unwaveringly paves the way for a future that is trail-blazed by those who dare to dream.
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