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Cull Ficle

Cull Ficle

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In 2021, Asian Glow released Cull Ficle. 

After hearing their friend’s album, they were so inspired by its sound and personal resolution that they were filled with a unrelenting passion to create a work of their own. 

7 days later, they released Cull Ficle to the world — an equally beloved album wearing its influences proudly on its sleeve, and serendipitously catapulting Asian Glow to the forefront of the Korean underground. 

Swatches of noise oscillate between granular, jagged and scintillating; framing the whispered delivery beneath the noise for the listener to discover while it morphs with the feedback it calls home. 

Listen closely, and the inner beauty of Cull Ficle easily reveals itself. Embedded within melodic riffs, pop hooks, and bedroom production are nods to Weatherday, The Microphones and Duster. Gyn collages their influences into a masterful record that warps and evolves with the emotions that inspired it, coming “Full Circle” in pursuit of artistic creation. 

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