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corpos de água

corpos de água

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sonhos tomam conta's corpos de água is the latest album in Longinus Recordings' growing discography of international shoegaze releases.

Discarding the western sonic foundation that has belonged to shoegaze since its inception, sonhos tomam conta has looked towards her native Brazil for inspiration in her latest record, culminating in corpos de água's sound palette to be among the first in the genre to be Latin

The traditional shoegaze blueprint indebted to neo-psychedelia and noise-pop has been subverted, replaced by the skeleton of MPB and Samba-Rock -- creating a powerful listen that conjures imagery of the scorching heat in a tropical overgrowth.

Float between tributaries as a peaceful voyage enters into whitewater rapids; watch the weather change as the sun peeks behind the eye of the storm, only to be swallowed by the ensuing squall.

Put on your headphones and brave the journey -- whether you're traversing a gentle mist, or a flooding downpour, the rain falls from the sky as you follow it deeper into sonhos tomam conta's mind, and into corpos de água.

Pressing Quantities (Tentative):

Vinyl Record: 250 

Cassette: 100 

CD Digipak: 100 

A portion of each vinyl record sale will be donated to the UN World Food Program, helping to feed families in Gaza City and the West Bank!

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